Why Strand


Strand Diagnostic’s strong roots in forensic science enabled it to expand the benefits of DNA matching to the growing life sciences sector. Strand’s leadership team is comprised of both seasoned medical and forensic professionals as well as business entrepreneurs bringing a unique combination of experiences and knowledge that help shape the company’s vision.

Strand developed and markets the patented know error® system to medical practices across the U.S. utilizing the latest applications of cutting-edge forensic DNA science to ensure patient safety and diagnostic accuracy. Widely-known as DNA Specimen Provenance Assay (DSPA), testing can increase diagnostic accuracy by diagnosing Specimen Provenance Complications (SPCs) in the diagnostic cycle, assuring biopsy specimens are free from contamination and are ascribed exclusively to the patient being evaluated.

As an additional benefit to its urology clients, Strand offers a BRCA/hereditary gene panel with prostate cancer patients in mind. Strand’s UroSeq® Hereditary DNA Repair Gene Panel is performed in accordance with cancer guidelines on the patient’s germline DNA already collected from the swabs contained in the know error® system at the time of the biopsy procedure thus making ordering easy and convenient.