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Strand's DNA Lab

Protect the integrity of your study data for clinical trials. Incorporating routine DNA testing into study protocols can detect any instances of specimen handling errors and/or fraud that may be present in research activities, allowing you to move forward with the most accurate information possible.

Specimen handling in the research context carries the same risks present in a clinical setting (specimen transposition and contamination), plus the added risk of fraudulent activity related to data representation and/or specimen acquisition. These types of complications are typically impossible to detect other than through DNA testing. DNA Specimen Provenance Assay (DSPA) testing for clinical trials ensures the integrity of study results so informed conclusions can be made based on the most accurate results possible. From an economic perspective, incorporating this added measure of security can prevent significant financial losses from invalid study conclusions.

To learn more about incorporating Strand’s DSPA testing in your next clinical trial, contact Client Services: 1-888-924-6779, option 2.